Makeup Monday: The Beauty of the Blending Sponge

Gliding a makeup brush over your freshly applied foundation can leave your makeup looking uneven and streaky.

Not to worry, GC Mag’s Style is here to spread the word about a trending beauty tool that’s easy to use and will leave your primer, foundation and concealer looking flawless – the blending sponge.

Though sponges are known commonly for cleaning purposes, blending sponges are the perfect solution to smoothing harsh lines and creases created when applying foundation with a brush or finger.

Find the egg-shaped tool in local beauty stores or the forever-loved Target and follow these steps for easy and effortless coverage.

Step One

First, get your blending sponge wet.

Applying your makeup while the sponge is damp allows the makeup to blend seamlessly into your skin. Simply run the faucet over your sponge for 2-3 seconds and ring out any excess water.

Step Two

The next step is to add product to your face.

Blending sponges can be used on anything from liquid blush to contour products. Once you’ve prepared your face to blend, it’s time to use the sponge.

Tip: Wetting your sponge allows a little product to go a long way. A few drops of foundation should be plenty when using a blending sponge.

Step Three

Now you’re ready to bring your look together.

Use the pointed end of your sponge to better reach the creases of your face. Lightly dabbing the bottom of the sponge on your face is best for larger areas like the forehead and cheeks.

After you’ve blended out the harsh lines, use the sides of the sponge to smooth over your makeup before the final step.

Step Four

Finally, apply powder.

Don’t reach for your brushes quite yet – the blending sponge can be used to apply powder too! Add a tiny amount of any pressed powder to the pointed end of your brush and lightly sweep it over the areas you’d like additional matte coverage.

With the use of this simple tool, your face will appear smooth and free of errors for a naturally flawless look.