Mission Accomplished: Find the best dessert in France

Macaroons, lemon tarts and croissants are just some of the things you’ll find baking in Paris. When I set out to find the best dessert in France, I knew this would take some serious investigating, or should I say “taste testing.”

A crêpe is prepared by a chef in France. (Photo by Chelsey Jackson- Grand Central Magazine)

The first dessert on my list to try in France was a crêpe. A crêpe is a thin pancake traditionally served with a variety of toppings ranging from Nutella to powdered sugar and strawberries. Or, crêpes can be more of a lunch topped with egg, cheese and ham.

First bite in, and it’s not bad at all — it’s something that hits the spot if a light meal or a dessert is desired. Crêpes are a definite classic comfort food in France that can be enjoyed any time of the day. There are crêperies on almost every corner in France, which makes this classic easy to find.

As I moved through the city, letting my nose direct me to the bakeries, I came upon a chocolate shop called La Maison du Chocolat. The shop was filled with only the best chocolate in the world, using cocoa plants from different parts of South America. The chocolates were infused with different ingredients such as caramel, raisins, fruits and coffee. With so many

Chocolates at Maison du Chocolat. (Photo by Chelsey Jackson- Grand Central Magazine)

to choose from, I decided on their famous chocolate ganaches. The ganache filling is a mixture of chocolate and heavy cream, baked together and served in bite size portions. For such a small size, the taste was intoxicating. The flavor of the chocolate lingered in my mouth long after the last bite. If you’re looking for guaranteed satisfaction past the point it is gone, you must try La Maison du Chocolat.

The journey continued on my dessert trail when I saw a line wrapped around a building, and sure enough it was a bakery. Laduree’s Pastry Shop has nonstop customers to get their hands on their famous macaroons. For something the size of a Vanilla Wafer to call so much attention, I had to see what made these things taste great. Macaroons originated in France and are held together by two meringue puffs with a butter cream filling. They come in a variety of flavors such as raspberry, chocolate, lemon, orange blossom and vanilla. As soon as one of these little round cakes hits your mouth, the meringue melts evenly with a sweet taste that makes you crave even more.

An assortment of breads and other baked goods in a bakery in France. (Photo by Chelsey Jackson-Grand Central Magazine)

To end my trip, I had to try a classic pastry — the one and only croissant. This tasty treat is enjoyed all over France, and you can typically find locals in cafés eating them accompanied with an espresso. Before hitting the bakery shelves, the dough is layered in butter and rolled to form the crescent shape and then heated in the oven, creating the flaky treat. Croissants can also be more of a dessert when chocolate, powdered sugar or almonds are added.

My travels in Paris led me to some of the most delectable desserts I have ever tasted. Overall, from sampling around the city, I have to declare macaroons the best dessert in France. The variety of flavors and intriguing taste sets itself apart from the other treats, making this dessert extra special. As I headed home, I felt extremely satisfied knowing that I could declare a winner in a country overflowing with sweets.