Mt. Pleasant Artist Expresses His Love For Bees Through His Work

Story and photos by Vinny Layer

Brendan Burdick, a Mount Pleasant resident, loves bees and all they do for the environment. One day he got the idea to create a project out of clay that represents his admiration for nature and bees.

“Bees are going instinct, and I wanted to do this protect to show the importance of their existence. I do not want them to go instinct,” Burdick said.

Brendan Burdick, 20, works on a project made out of clay. The project he is creating is similar to a honeycomb as he loves bees and all they do for us.

The process of working with clay can be time-consuming. He first molds the clay into blocks. After the blocks are created Burdick cuts out the shape of the honeycomb and puts them onto the block.

“I think what I am doing now is important, and I love taking the time to create something out of nothing,” Burdick said.

The next step includes placing the molding blocks in the way they are going to be hanged. After they are placed accordingly, the clay must dry for two days before any other steps can be completed. Burdick adds sometimes he adds wet paper towel to help the drying process along.

An up-close look at Burdick’s clay shapes he is making. “Wow this is turning out better than I expected,” he said.

The last step includes painting the dried clay and getting it hung up on string. Burdick says that the whole process can take anywhere from 3-4 days from start to finish.

Seeing double! Burdick cuts out the shape of the honeycomb using clay. “I have to be careful whenever I use sharp objects like this cutter,” he says jokingly.

The finished project will hang on his wall once the paint is completely dried.  The buzzing art creation will be added to his other art he has done over the past few months and years.