New Year, New Closet: Resolutions for the new year

Weight loss/health has been a leading crowd favorite New Year’s resolution for years. But what about style?

As we make New Year’s Resolutions, let’s add a few style resolutions to the list. Check out these thoughts and tips to see if someone else feels your pain, mutual inspiration, or to become inspired as well.

When it comes to style, the word style is rather broad. Instead of focusing on the broad spectrum of style for your resolutions, you could focus on personal style.

Personal style is how you wear your clothing; how you want to wear that blue shirt or what you would wear with those black pants.

There are a few routes you could take when observing personal style resolutions. Perhaps you want to add a little something to your wardrobe or your personal style.

Salina Bosworth, a junior, says she wishes she had more printed leggings. She also said she wants to add more sweaters to her wardrobe.

“They are comfortable and you can get them at thrift stores for really cheap,” Bosworth said.

She is right. Goodwill is an excellent local source for cheap sweaters.

Shopping Goodwill allows you to find unique clothing with character. If you like vintage, classic, rugged clothing, thrift stores are great places to find the real thing.

However, because clothing sold at Goodwill is sold at such low prices, you can find and try out a variety of sweaters to achieve the look you want, flaunt your body type, and even define a new personal style for the New Year.

If you are intrigued by the relaxed vintage look, or even feminine, punk or country-inspired, but have yet had the opportunity to give them a shot, Goodwill should be your next shopping destination. Take advantage of the true vintage clothing, low prices and vast variety of merchandise.

Reminiscing on the past, as in just a few weeks ago, there are a few trends that were not popular in 2013.

You could probably think of a few articles of clothing, or ways people wore them, that you would rather not see in 2014.

However, sophomore Andrea Dreyer has one thing she wants to wear less this year.

“Yoga pants,” Dreyer said. “I want to try not to wear yoga pants every day.”

With a chuckle, Dreyer accomplished a feat that some college ladies will not before graduation: admitting that college girls love yoga pants, but also that they are not exactly a ticket to being named “best-dressed.”

Though they are the ticket to a comfortable and easy get-up-and-go outfit for a busy day, yoga pants don’t carry too many style points. However, they do have potential.

Yoga pants do not have to be worn with sweatshirts or UGGs. Instead, wearing all black, gray or solid color yoga pants, or yoga leggings, with nice boots, comfortable yet stylish sweaters, and accessories to boot, you will get a few style points.

Basically, it’s not yoga pants or leggings, but rather what you wear them with.

For this New Year, try resolving to challenge your current relationship with yoga pants. Perhaps you will find that you can have your comfort cake and eat your style points, too.

With these thoughts and ideas on the table, consider what your New Year’s style resolutions are. How can you get rid of, change or add something stylish to your life in the New Year? Let us know on Twitter!