Spring Into Celosia Orange

Calling all fashion innovators and leaders! Ready for a unique change? Say goodbye to peplum, studded collars, and all-over sheer. There’s a new sheriff in town ready to inspire and transform. Brace yourself as fabulous fashion designers near and far reveal upcoming trends, through their own style as models catwalk across the runway.

Ladies, forget the past and look forward to the future because Spring 2014 is here.

After seasons of pastel and neon, the fashion world has evolved to a point where you desire a bright and energetic color to spice up your wardrobe. If you are looking for a spontaneous, optimistic hue, say hello to the shockingly prominent Celosia Orange! The vibrant orange instantly conveys a powerful dynamic and adds a potent pop to simple accessories.

Imagine wearing a cozy white knit sweater on a cold winter day. Rather than appearing neutral and dull, enhance your style with Francesca’s Troy Tribal Loop Scarf. With 35-inches in length and 23-inches in width, the orange and white diamond print easily wraps and rests around the neck.

Perhaps your sleeves lay near the elbow. Simply finish the ensemble with Francesca’s Zaria Chevron watch. The orange faux leather band gracefully leads to the bold chevron design zigzagged across the face of the watch. Together, the magnificent duo is bound to make heads turn and brighten anyone’s day.

For the adventurous souls embarking on tropical vacations, bask in the warm, energetic vibe. During the day, collaborate your spunky sense of style with a citrus touch of Freesia. As the sun begins to set, pair Celosia Orange with Violet Tulip. No matter what color combination you choose, complete your jaw-dropping outfit with a flirty curved wedge. The Orange Flower Zadie Shoe platforms at two-inches and exceeds six-inches in height, finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole. If those shoes don’t scream flirty and fabulous, what does?

Remember — think outside the box. Let your nails spring into Celosia Orange. If you’re a risk taker, let your eyes or lips do the talking. Create warm, rosy cheeks with a peach splash. The color truly is versatile and allows you to integrate the hue into your distinct fashion sense.

Simply said, Celosia Orange is the next phase of color in the fashion evolution. It is what you have patiently waited for. It is the color you will be craving this season. It is Spring 2014.