Occupy Wall Street Global Day of Action: photo page (part 1)

Occupy Wall St protesters called for a Global Day of Action on Thursday Nov. 17. A full day was planned for the protesters. BREAKFAST 7:00 a.m.: Shut down Wall Street (New York Stock Exchange), LUNCH 3:00 p.m.: Occupy the Subways, DINNER 5:00p.m.: Take the Square (Foley Square).

Protesters began their morning at 7am by attempting to block the entrance to the New York Stock Exchange. Many arrests took place on Wall St in the morning.

By early afternoon the occupiers had reconvened at Zuccotti Park, the once occupied park before Nov. 15’s police eviction. The protesters then attempted to march down Wall St but were met by barricades and lines of police in riot gear forcing the protesters back.

The Occupiers were pushed back to Zuccotti park where a cat and mouse game ensued between the NYPD barricades and the Occupiers. For a significant period the barricades surrounding the park where opened and closed so frequently it was extremely difficult to get in- or out of Zuccotti.

Mid-afternoon an odd lull between the occupiers and police occurred when pizza was brought to feed the protesters. Afterwards, a  game of strategies occurred before the occupiers left Zuccotti and marched 2.4 miles uptown to Union Sq. where a student protest was planned for 3p.m.


(all photographs by Tanya Moutzalias | photo editor gcmag.org)


A man stomps on NYPD barricades pulled from the sides of Zuccotti Park the once occupation zone filled with tents by Occupy Wall St protesters. A woman nearby shouted at the man to stop causing a ruckus and that destroying property was not productive to the movement. The man continued to jump and kick.
Hundreds of protesters gather in Zuccotti Park to rally before another march began down Wall St.
A scuffle between NYPD officials and protesters led to OWS medics being called in front while NYPD continued to hold back the protesters from marching any further south on Wall St.
NYPD in riot gear line up along Wall St keeping protesters out of the street.
Christian Ruiz, 18, and girlfriend Bianca Rosario, 17 hug on Wall st. during Nov. 17's OWS national day of action. Both attend the Borough of Manhattan Community College. When asked about the occupy movement, Ruiz said "I like it- it makes sense fighting for the future."
Troy, last name with held, sits in Zuccotti park during a rainy lull in Nov. 17's protests. Separately, the protesters and police stopped all actions for a pizza break in the early afternoon.
An occupier yells at a police officer. The NYPD and Occupiers were caught in a cat and mouse game for most of the afternoon. For a significant period, police were rapidly changing the barricades so it was extremely difficult to find a way in- or out- that the NYPD allowed people to pass through.
Occupier, Brendan Watts, is seen bloodied and arrested after a scuffle with NYPD in Zuccotti Park. He allegedly took a police officer's cap.
Occupiers dance in celebration after retaking Zuccotti Park post the march down Wall St.
Troy Odendhal stands near a meditating occupier in the rain. Odendhal is at Occupy Wall St for his father, a part-time transit worker who was unjustly fired for a work-related injury.
The books of OWS's People's Library were thrown into a dumpster when NYPD officials evicted Zuccotti Park protesters. The remaining books were carried around by protesters during Nov. 17 OWS's national day of action
Zuccotti Park after the eviction of the protesters as seen during on Nov 17.


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