Pass or Fail: Student Cooking with the Air Fryer

Story  & Video by Chanda Crenshaw, Edited by Dylan Flanigan

The Air Fryer is the new kitchen appliance that allows fried food lovers to enjoy their favorite meals with just one tablespoon of oil. What really has people raving about this appliance is the fact that the Air Fryer claims to reduce up to 75% of fat that would  traditionally come from deep frying food.

So how does it work? 

Once you set the Air Fryer to a desired temperature, hot air begins to circulate around the food which essentially dehydrates the outside layer, creating a crispy texture.

This may seem all too good to be true for many. Is it possible to indulge in fried foods without feeling the guilt? Better yet, can the Air Fryer produce the crunchy texture that we all love.

CMU student, Jacob Ahern answers your questions as he has decided to put the Air Fryer to the test.


“Overall, I think the Air fryer is a great alternative for anyone looking to cut back on greasy foods. You can still enjoy the flavor of the food with less oil.”