People of Central – Hannah Fox

Story by Janna Salimovic

Photo by Jacob Salisbury

School spirit is one thing that brings college students together. Involvement in campus organizations and extra-curricular activities is what helps students network.

Central Michigan University’s Homecoming Week is a week that’s filled with events and opportunities for students. One thing that is special about Homecoming Week is applying to be Homecoming Ambassador.

Senior Hannah Fox is from Grand Blanc, Mich. and is a psychology major with a double minor in family studies and women and gender studies. Fox is running for Homecoming Ambassador for the 2019 school year.

To become an ambassador, she needed to be nominated by an organization. Once nominated, she needed to fill out an application and discuss some of her campus involvements and why they are important to her.

“The process has been a lot of work but it’s been super rewarding,” Fox said. “I really love CMU and I have been having the time of my life this week going to all of the events.”

Fox’s favorite thing about CMU is that it’s a large community, but really feels small. “I can’t walk from place to place without running into people I know,” she said.

One thing Fox appreciates about the university is the faculty. “I constantly have mentors checking in with me to make sure I’m doing okay and asking what they can do to support me,” she said.

CMU has provided Fox with unlimited opportunities from being accepted into the honors program, working with Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates and becoming the student coordinator for America Counts and Reads.

“I chose CMU because I knew the community feeling was so strong,” Fox said. She explained that the university has done more for her than she could imagine.

Throughout her time at CMU, Fox has built relationships, expanded on opportunities and made memories that have made her time here worth while.