Pinterest is the bible to creative fashion

The rise of Pinterest has both men and women expressing their styles online.

Pinterest is a pinboard-style website that allows its users to share photos based on different themes including fashion, recipes and interior decorating. The website has become increasingly popular within the last few years and has sparked numerous activities from arts and crafts to Pinterest inspired outfits.

On the website, a user can search through different fashion boards and then has the option to create their own boards and “pin” outfits they like. It creates a worldwide style sharing experience.

Current popular Pinterest styles are inspired by the website’s fashion week page. On this page they have various fashion boards categorized into different sections including up-and-coming designers, London fashion week and New York fashion week. A Paris and Milan fashion week section is coming soon.

The up-and-coming designers section of the page allows new fashion designers to feature their designs as well as create an online portfolio showcasing their designs. Elyse Alligood and Kristin Shore are two of these designers.

Alligood, a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, utilized Pinterest to showcase five dresses that she made for her senior thesis collection along with images that inspired her collection.

She pinned images from Rafael Cennamo, Nikki Gabriel and Jil Sander. It was from these images and these designers on Pinterest that inspired her to design her fringe style dresses.

Shore, also from Savannah, used Pinterest to display her fashion design portfolio. Her board consists of illustrations, processed work, collections and garments.

Pinterest can help new designers find their way in the fashion industry as well as spark inspiration from the website. With fashion designers using Pinterest to find inspiration, it only makes sense that trendy students at Central Michigan University do the same thing.

Amanda Nickert, a sophomore, uses Pinterest to find ways to mix-up her style. She uses the website to learn new hairstyles, different layering techniques and how to make her own clothes.

“I like Pinterest because there are so many cool things (on the website) that I can’t think of on my own,” Nickert said. “When I’m sick of doing my hair a certain way and I want an easy, new way to style my hair I go on Pinterest.”

Nickert said she has learned how to do different types of braids from Pinterest including the fishtail braid, the waterfall braid, up-do braids and more simple braids.

“Pinterest is the best invention ever. I can go there for any ideas,” Nickert said.