PRSSA: Internship Fair

Story by: Samantha Bitterman

Central Michigan University’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter is having its annual internship fair on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023, at the Bovee University Center Rotunda from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

PRSSA has been doing this internship fair for at least 10 years. This year they have 28 companies participating in the fair including radio/TV stations, agencies, and hospitality businesses. Students will be able to network with all the companies that will be there, the internships that will be offered are more company-specific, but most of the companies are looking for spring/summer interns. 

The organization gives members several opportunities to grow professionally and individually.  PRSSA is open to all majors, not just Integrative Public Relations. Vice President of PRSSA, Katie Haley, goes to say what PRSSA is really about.

“We host speakers from various avenues of the industry, resume/portfolio workshops, and travel to PR agencies/companies in Michigan, ” said PRSSA Vice President Katie Haley. ” It is a great way to get involved and network with your peers. With our organization being nationally affiliated we are able to attend national events. This past October we were able to send five-chapter members to the national conference in Nashville. This unique opportunity allows members to network outside of our CMU community with professionals and PRSSA members of chapters across the country.”

Dressing professionally, like you would for a job interview, is a requirement for the PRSSA internship fair.

If you plan on attending this internship fair, bring copies of your resume and business cards as well as a notebook and pen to take notes after speaking with each company to remember things that stood out in your conversations.

The internship fair is a great way for students of all majors and ages to network and make connections with these companies, even if you aren’t looking for an internship right now, PRSSA encourages you to come network for future or post-graduation opportunities. 

Haley mentions what past students have gotten out of this internship fair.

“Many of our students find the internships they complete for credit through our internship fair. Some have received job offers following those internships. We hope the connections made at the internship fair last and help students at some point in their careers.” 

Haley gave us five tips for students going into an internship.

“1. Research the companies prior to the fair so you have some background knowledge. 2. Make a list of companies you definitely want to talk to. If your schedule allows talk to a few companies, then come back and talk to more later in the day, this will help ease your nerves and be less overwhelming. 3. Know your elevator pitch! 4. Dress professionally but be comfortable and confident in your outfit! 5. Have confidence and sell yourself!” 

PRSSA at Central Michigan University meets every Wednesday in Moore Hall 107 at 6:30 p.m. They host committee meetings every other week which gives students more hands-on experience like planning for this internship fair, writing for the blog or newsletter, and planning chapter events/fundraisers are projects the committees work on.


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