St. Mary’s Sunday Suppers builds community and connections

St. Mary’s University Parish’s Sunday Suppers are a special way to build connections on campus and create lasting friendships. Students and other parishioners gather in the student lounge in St. Mary’s church after 5 p.m. Mass with meals varying from week to week.

Father Matthew Gembrowski, the presiding priest, emphasizes that the suppers are meant to form a community within the church.

“It’s supposed to be an opportunity for people to develop a social life. I really think it’s an important thing because people our age are on their phones all the time and a lot of people struggle with their social life, ” Father Gembrowski said.

Father Gembrowski encourages all to attend the Sunday Suppers; all faiths are welcome. These events are also convenient for students who don’t enjoy the food at CMU’s dining halls or do not have the money to buy dinner.

“We are here to draw people into the good news of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. We’re going to use that opportunity to try and invite people, but it’s never forced…if you are here on Sunday Supper and you don’t want to participate in the life of the church, that’s okay. You can still come for a meal.”  

Sunday Suppers are also a great opportunity for those looking for service opportunities. Sign-up sheets are available on the Saint Mary’s University Parish website.

Homecooked meals are associated with safety, love, acceptance, and, of course, home. Suppers can help anyone looking for a spiritual home in church or looking for a community that they can talk to and rely on. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a faith community on campus and to learn more about what the Church teaches.