Students Show off their Spring Looks

Story and photos by Riley Connell

Despite some snow on the ground, spring has arrived for Central Michigan University students.

CMU student Kate Castillenti never misses an opportunity to show off a great look. Castillenti says her style is inspired by models that she follows on Instagram and fashion bloggers.

Castillenti often buys her clothes from thrift stores such as the Salvation Army or Good Will, but frequents stores like Forever 21 and Pacsun as well.

Castillenti shows off a Sports Illustrated wind breaker she found at Salvation Army and black and white checkered pants that she purchased from Forever 21. She kept up with her color scheme of black, white and red by topping off the look with a pair of Doc Marten boots and a red scrunchie. Her crop top is in true spring time fashion but added the jacket to stay warm in the Michigan weather.

According to Castillenti, her style contains many elements and can’t be narrowed down to one category.

“I don’t really have a set style, I just wear everything,” says Castillenti. “So one day I can wear something super girly, or something super grunge.”

Student Pablo Covarrubias is inspired by the minimalist style of designer Rick Owens.

“I watched a couple of his runway shows and I really dug the black and white: the minimal aesthetic,” said Covarrubias.

Staying true to his word, Covarrubias wears a tan turtle neck and sherpa jacket with white jeans, black high-top shoes, and a maroon knit beanie. Similar to Castillenti, Covarrubias added some warmer elements to his look to keep up with the cold weather in the Michigan climate.

To keep up his monochromatic aesthetic, Covarrubias mostly purchases his clothing from thrift stores and a Japanese retailer called Uniqlo.

Jenny Wayward is a student who keeps her style cute and low key.

Wayward doesn’t have a specific inspiration for her style, but wears what she feels best in. She also likes to factor in the weather when choosing her outfit for the day. Her go-to is a sweater and jeans to stay warm.

Similar to Castillenti and Covarrubias, Wayward also enjoys purchasing clothing from thrift stores. Additionally, she likes to shop at Old Navy and American Eagle.

Wayward is wearing a cozy gray sweater and a medium wash pair of slim fit jeans. She adds a pari of brown ankle boots and accessories to make the look her own.

Like Wayward, student Jordan White likes to stay comfortable and makes his style his own. White’s style leans more towards athleisure.

White wears a gray zip-up hoodie, black joggers, black Nike slides and blue socks for a pop of color. White stays consistent with his brands from top to bottom. Comfort is key when it comes to his outfit choice.

“I like to always stay cozy and sexy at the same time,” White says.