Swimwear Sites for your Budget and Bust

Story by Devon Rademacher
Feature Photo via @theashleygraham

Goodbye, Victoria’s Secret Swim. All that’s left on the website are marked down bikini bottoms. The swim line catered to large bust women and came in various styles and colors.

We’ve been scouring for new swim tops that match up to the quality of VS, so we’ve compiled sites depending on coverage needed and your budget – we don’t judge what you splurge on!


Low Coverage, Low Price
Forever 21’s swim line is ideal for a college budget. The suits come in a variety of colors, styles and average about $15 a piece. Most of the suits do not have a liner in them or underwire – so A and B range busts would fit the best.

Low Coverage, Average Price
Nasty Gal has everything you need, and they introduced a swim line last year. It comes in sexy cuts, and hot one pieces. The prices vary on the site, but for the Nasty Gal line it averages about $40 to $50 per piece. Again, these run small and would suit A and B sizes the most.

Low Coverage, High Price
Revolve Swimwear is for you if you don’t mind dropping half your paycheck for a high end swimsuit. Each piece is an average of $70 to $100, with some one pieces costing $200. They offer popular brands that do cater to women in the small size of tops.


Medium Coverage, Low Price
Missguided Swimwear is the perfect brand for women who follow trends closely. Wrap tops, fringe and mesh are seen on almost all of the styles. Some tops have more padding than others, and the wrap tops can hold a B to C top in perfectly. The prices for Missguided tend to be on the lower size, an average of $20 a piece.

Medium Coverage, Average Price
Victoria’s Secret PINK brand expanded their swim offerings once the original swim line was cancelled. Think bright colors and lots of lace. These do have cups, and a few styles have the option to choose by bra size, so B to C are best suited. $30 – $40 is the average per piece, and one pieces are around $50.

Medium Coverage, High Price
Beach Bunny Swimwear is the brand that is worn by every Instagram model. For good reason too – good quality and innovative styles makes it super popular. Most of the bikinis and one pieces are triangle or halter, making it ideal for a medium size like B to C. A set will put you back about $200 though.


High Coverage, Low Price
ASOS is a European brand comparable to Forever 21 and H&M. The brand offers a section just for fuller busts, with underwire and extra support cups. This is perfect for the D and up women. The sets also don’t lack in style – with cool mesh and ribbon ties. Prices range from $15 – $30, even for fuller sizes.

High Coverage, Medium Price
Swimsuits For All is a go-to for mega babe and plus size model Ashley Graham. The cuts and deep and sexy with halter ties and full cups. D and up sizes would fill out these sets the best. The average price is $50.

High Coverage, High Price
Monday Swimwear was started by the founders of the blog, A Bikini A Day. It has supportive tops that can suit D’s and up. The cuts are modern and sleek with deep colors. Though the site does boast many sales, the average tends to sit at $60 to $70.