Ten Terms Every Chippewa Should Know By Now

As Central Michigan University students, we pick up a certain lingo from fellow Chips and the city of Mount Pleasant that ultimately filter into everyday conversations.

This language is natural to us, but rarely do we realize it sounds foreign to others. Here’s a list of Chippewa lingo that you should know by now.

Fire Up!

Mostly heard on game days or Friday and Saturday nights to get people “fired up” and express school spirit.

Rules of the trade: Always yell this back when someone yells it out first.


No, not Lay’s. We’re the Chippewas and we’re proud of it! Put Chip in front of anything to make it CMU related.

(i.e.) You’re now in Chip town.


Pints is always used as a proper noun on Tuesdays, and in Mount Pleasant there is really only one meaning – Wayside/O’Kelly’s.

Looking for a mid-week night out and a way to avoid responsibility? Pints is the way to go. Just know, if you’re asked to attend Pints think wisely before making the decision.

The Store

This isn’t just lingo, it’s actually a store that just happens to sell alcohol. If someone says they are going to The Store, either give them your order and put out some cash or nod and go about your business.

As a Chip there’s no room for judgement.

Anspach; (AN-SPA).

Why Chips are so obsessed with the pronunciation of this hall, we’re not exactly sure. But pronounce it wrong and at least five Chippewa students, two faculty members and a nearby Mount Pleasant resident will surely scream the correct pronunciation at you.

Word to the wise: If you can’t pronounce it right, don’t say it at all.


Describing Western Michigan University as “Wastern” ensues that Broncos are the worst, simply because they’re our rival.

If someone says anything about Wastern, a “Fire Up Chips” or “Western sucks” is expected back.

Main Street

A magical, mystical place that freshmen love and Greek life thrives on.

Drive down it in the middle of the day and you’re sure to find trash and cans outside, drive down it at night time and expect to see millions of fired up Chips.


No it’s not a real safari, but it’s all apart of the freshmen experience.

Leadership Safari allows freshmen and transfers to come early and enjoy a week of learning about campus before classes start.

Dog Central

Not real puppies, but just as exciting (AKA: the best hot dogs in town).

Find anyone and everyone there on the weekend, just don’t expect them to remember.

Float the River

Chip River + a sunny day = One unforgettable time on tubes.