The Monday Mix: Summer Beer

Sweet summertime is coming to a hasty end, and what better way to say goodbye than with a final summer beer?

With a thirst quenching and refreshing taste, this quick drink is just what any student needs before the leaves begin to fall and the brutal Michigan winter arrives. But don’t let the name fool you. This drink can make an appearance at any fall tailgate or lazy Friday night.


1 can of frozen limeade concentrate

4 bottles of Corona

12 oz of vodka

1 fresh lime

Mix it:

In a large pitcher, pour the limeade concentrate using the empty limeade can as a measure for vodka (12 oz). Then mix in the four Corona beers, squeezing the lime for extra flavor. Give the drink a quick stir and pour over ice.

And if you’re feeling nice, double the ingredients and make enough to share with your friends. Besides, everyone deserves one last taste of summer.