Threads Director Spotlight: Makaia Smith

Story by Olivia Kotowski, photos courtesy of Makaia Smith

Central Michigan Universities student production Threads Fashion Show takes a lot of work, especially behind the scenes. Submissions and hospitality director and CMU senior Makaia Smith is a perfect example of that.

All director positions for Threads are different. “As the submissions and hospitality director, my main goal is to supply designers and guests with the best experience,” Smith said.

Part of her job also requires her to organize the designers, find judges for the show and overall make sure guests receive the great experience they came for.

Smith discovered her passion for fashion at a young age.

“It’s such a corny story,” Smith said. “I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I was drawing clothes.”

With an artist/writer father, Smith believes her strive for creativity is inherited. “I used to draw clothes on my papers in my classes,” Smith said. “I always got in trouble for drawing outfits instead of doing my homework.”

Photo courtesy of Makaia Smith

Now, Smith has channeled that love for fashion into her schoolwork and future career. As a student working towards a degree in fashion with an event management minor, she decided to go for this position because she felt it fit the part of what she wants to pursue with her career.

Threads is a yearlong project that takes a lot of people, time, effort and passion. Luckily, Smith has all of these things under her belt.

“My favorite part of it all is that I get a lot of inspiration. The best part is implementing my own ideas into a show I’ve watched and loved for years,” Smith said.

Last year, she was the VP coordinator for the reception. Though she enjoyed that, this year she feels she’s finally in a position where she can make real changes, she said.

Smith is excited for every aspect of Threads, planning it well and executing it in particular.

“Hearing designers even say things like ‘I have to fit my garments to my model’ or ‘I have to run to the lab and fix my zipper’ gets me excited,” Smith said.

After she graduates, Smith isn’t quite sure specifically what she wants in a career, just that she wants to work in the fashion industry. She’s open to different positions and challenging herself.

“I really like CAD work, freehand design, and I’m into sewing, too,” Smith said. There isn’t a specific job she wants, but she’s sure she wants to be immersed in this industry.

With her skills, dedication and passion, Smith will be just one of the dozens of hardworking people that will make the 2019 Threads Fashion Show truly one to remember.