‘Tis the Season for Holiday Coffee Creamers

With decorative lights on every block, holiday music on repeat and most college students preparing for winter break, the holidays are quickly approaching.

From festive sugar cookies to traditional candies and sweets, there are several foods exclusively enjoyed this time of the year. Coffee creamer companies such as International Delight and Coffee-mate note this as an opportunity to come out with annual, limited-edition flavors.

Many Central Michigan University students admit to not buying their own flavored creamers. Most are not even aware of the seasonal creamer flavors that make an appearance this time of year in grocery stores. Plenty of students (with Starbucks’ #RedCups in-hand) said they just buy their seasonal coffee drinks from the coffee shops around campus instead.

Hersey fifth year, Amanda Melanson said she’s always just went straight for the French Vanilla or original flavor that International Delight has all year round.

“I occasionally try my friends’ flavored creamers, and I would be willing to try the new holiday flavors,” Melanson said. “But I just use the creamers that are always at my house.”

With buying creamer for daily coffee, college students can not only save money, but also enjoy the new flavors that you can’t get anywhere else or any other time of the year.

There are several unique flavors to choose from, surely you will find the perfect match for your average cup of Joe.

Peppermint Mocha by Coffee-mate

The crisp, minty flavor of this creamer will add the perfect pick-me-up to your coffee. The rush of mint, complemented by a smooth chocolatey taste, is sure to wake your taste buds up on a crisp winter morning.

Peppermint is a staple flavor for the holidays and this creamer is a good way to incorporate the flavor into your palate without going overboard on candy-canes.

Eggnog Latte by Coffee-mate

Eggnog is a classic drink for this time of the year and now you can have it in a whole new way. Combine the rich flavors of coffee and eggnog by adding a splash of this creamer to your morning brew.

You can enjoy this coffee drink during those busy holiday mornings, or even during those late-evening dinner parties.

White Chocolate Raspberry by International Delight

Looking for something a little more decadent to pair with your coffee? Don’t miss the opportunity to try this limited-edition coffee creamer. The mix of creamy white chocolate and fruity raspberry is sure to spruce up your coffee in all the right ways. Once you try it you’ll be wishing they had it all year round.

Frosted Sugar Cookie by International Delight

If you find yourself wanting to eat a bunch of sweets and cookies this holiday season, this sugar cookie flavored creamer may help curb your cravings. Rather than reaching for the cookie tray at that holiday party, just add a good amount of this creamer to your coffee for a melt-in-your-mouth taste of sweetness.