Top 5 accessories for less than $10

You don’t have to be rich to look like you live in the fab lane. Imagine being able to buy all the accessories you want, without emptying out your pocket. Here are top five fall accessories for less than $10:

Jewelry: You can never go wrong with jewelry. From earrings to necklaces, you can always find cute and trendy types of jewelry for under $10. Try stores like Forever 21 or Love Culture to add on to you collection.

Leg Warmers: When you hear leg warmers, what do you think of? The 1980s dancers? In recent years, they have grown popular to where they are used in a greater range of fashion. Check out Payless or Target to get different patterns and colors of legwarmers under $10.

Scarves: Wrap it around or tie it down. Scarves aren’t just for keeping your warm; they can also be used to make an outfit stand out. Fellas, this is for you too. With all the stores that have different variety and styles of scarves for under $10, why wouldn’t you get one? You can find scarves for under $10 at Rue 21 or Target for both guys and girls.

Hats: Guys and Girls across campus have different styles of hats, why shouldn’t you? Choose your best fit for a hat at Target or TJ Maxx.

Sunglasses: Putting on some nice shades isn’t just for the summer. If the sun is out, let there be shade. Lately, people are wearing sunglasses year-round. Why not give it a try? With all the different shapes and styles that sunglasses come in, you are bound to find that one pair to go with your favorite outfit.