Top Sites for Beauty and Style

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and fashion lovers everywhere have finished religiously watching the NYFW All Access Snapchat stories. However, just because fashion week is over, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop with the behind the scene looks at the fashion shows that we wish we could have attended.

The Internet is a beautiful thing and there are so many fashion websites out there that expose us to exclusive content, many people either do not take advantage of them or do not know about them.

Check out these websites for all of the latest fashion show coverage, trends and designer profiles.


This website is a portion of Vogue’s webpage that covers fashion shows specifically. The website allows you to watch live footage of fashion shows and provides still images of all of the pieces in each designer’s collection.


Women’s Wear Daily’s website consists mostly of information regarding the business side of fashion and style. It’s a great website to turn to for all of the latest news revolving around the fashion industry.


Seventeen Magazine is probably one of the most well-known websites of the ones listed here. The site has a wide variety of fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips.


CollegeFashionista isn’t as well known as the other websites and it’s extremely underrated. It consists of real college students and their street style. There is even a section for Central Michigan University! Check this site out for outfit inspiration – you may even end up on the website yourself one day.


Everyone knows about YouTube, but not everyone knows about the fashion content on the website. Beauty gurus get paid to share their expertise on everything beauty and fashion. Some gurus that you must check out are Claudia Sulewski, Casey Holmes and Sarah Belle.