Use Foodie Instincts to Spice Up Cold Winter Days around Mount Pleasant

Story by Megan O’Neil
Feature image via @colleendluzy

Winter blues bringing you down? That’s normal. It’s hard to feel your best while living in a place where the frigid air hurts your face. Don’t let the weather keep you or your friends down, though! There is a way to heat things up.

Many people get excited about hitting the slopes all winter, but if you’re bummed about the snow, that’s probably not you. Winter sports can be a blast, but they can be hard to enjoy if you’re lacking in the coordination department.

Or maybe, you’re just stuck in Mount Pleasant. It doesn’t take complete isolation to be struck with cabin fever.

Winter Fun with Local Food
However, nothing breaks a rut like trying something new. Even more exciting if a new experience is shared with a friend or significant other over food.

Midori Sushi and Martini Lounge
Ever had sushi? If not, heading downtown to Midori Sushi and Martini Lounge could lead to an adventurous lunch or dinner. If you don’t get down with raw sea animals, grab one of their fabulous cocktails to invigorate the senses.

If sushi rolls bore you, trying nigiri or sashimi (or even better, watching a friend try nigiri or sashimi) can get adrenaline flowing. In case you were wondering, nigiri is raw fish over rice, sashimi is raw fish sliced. Check out their menu, if you’re curious!

Photo via Midori's Instagram
Image via @midorisushi

One Twenty South
Dressing up can add an element of excitement to a dinner date, as well. When was the last time you dressed classy? If you’re feeling sleek, elegant and want the adult experience of craft cocktails and tapas, look no further than One Twenty South.

Image via @120_south
Image via @120_south

Even if going out isn’t in the budget, simple things like trying a new recipe can spice things up.

Local Coffee Shops
Or, if you don’t want to commit to the whole meal, a new coffee or tea can also break the rut. What could go wrong with drinks like Love Potion #9, Eternal Happiness, or Cup of Joy from Kaya Coffeehouse? Or, the Dreamer’s Fireside Latte?

Image via @dreamercoffeeshop
Image via @dreamercoffeeshop

Ruts are normal – just look outside! But, trying something new doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be as easy as not ordering “the usual”.