Using Pinterest to bring back the ’90s

It’s time to bring out your inner ’90s kid because denim is back in style.

Jean jackets and jean miniskirts were huge in the ’90s, and nobody can forget Will Smith’s signature denim baseball cap. Denim clothing items were sold in just about every store in the ’90s, but began to fade away toward the end of the decade.

The start of the millennium brought new trends into the world and denim was limited to jeans and men’s work wear. People began selling their jean jackets and miniskirts in garage sales or putting them away in storage with their hair scrunchies and slap bracelets.

But now denim is back and it’s more popular than ever. Stores are selling jean jackets, denim vests, overalls, denim rompers and button-up denim shirts. People are buying them like crazy and celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba have been seen sporting the denim look.

With denim on the rise, there’s a whole Pinterest page full of denim outfits. Most of these outfits pair denim shirts with denim pants and if it’s done right, denim on denim can be pulled off.

One thing to keep in mind when wearing denim on denim is to make sure they are two different colors of blue. A popular outfit on Pinterest pairs a light blue denim button-up shirt with dark blue skinny jeans. This look could even be dressed up with a pearl necklace or a colorful scarf.

This denim on denim look is becoming quite popular, but another popular way to wear a denim shirt is to pair it with colored pants. This is a look that sophomore Rebecca Hochhuth indulges in.

“I like to wear my denim shirt with my colored skinny pants and a cute pair of wedges,” Hochhuth said.

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 8.46.11 PM
(Photo Illustration | Brianna Owczarzak)

Pinterest also shows more classy ways to wear denim. One outfit on Pinterest features a long sleeve denim button-up shirt tucked into white pants with a navy blue blazer. To add a little extra oomph to the outfit, they added a skinny brown belt to the pants and a pearl necklace. This look would be perfect for class or a lunch date with the girls.

Two popular stores for these Pinterest inspired outfits are Forever 21 and H&M.