What The Editorial Staff Is Doing In Quarantine

Story & graphic by Alexis Thompson

When being in quarantine, we are all trying to find new ways to entertain ourselves and stay busy. Whether it’s binge watching Netflix, enjoying some self-care, reading new books, spending time with family or learning a new hobby, there are many ways to stay busy during these times. Here is how the editorial staff is spending their quarantine.

Managing Editor and sophomore Riley Connell is using this time to remind herself of the people she has in her life and rediscovering old hobbies.

“This has been an opportunity to become an expert on self-care and I think it’s so incredibly important to learn how to really take care of yourself,” Connell said. “I’ve played the violin since I was 10, but since I started college I haven’t played, so I’m also using quarantine to pick it back up and rediscover something that I love.”

Student Lifestyle Editor and sophomore Audriana Chenoweth is picking up new hobbies.

” I started going for runs daily,” Chenoweth said. “I’ve also been trying out new recipes which is always fun.”

Arts & Entertainment Editor and senior Kendall Reid has been spending her time with her roommates in Mount Pleasant.

“Luckily for me, my roommates and I stayed in Mount Pleasant at our apartment,” Reid said. “We have been playing euchre, Jackbox Party and other games. We also make it a priority to walk in the local parks when the weather lets us to stay active.”

Style & Beauty Editor and senior Olivia Kotowski has focused on starting new hobbies and watching new shows on Netflix.

“During quarantine I’ve been reading a lot of books, cooking and I’ve binge watched Love Is Blind and Tiger King,” Kotowski said.

People of Central Editor and senior Janna Salimovic is spending her quarantine with her family and also starting new hobbies.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family watching movies, cooking and baking new things,” Salimovic said. “I’ve also been doing more outside activities since the weather is getting warmer.”

Multimedia Editor and senior Dannah Gunn has spent a lot of her time outside when the weather is nice.

“During this quarantine, I have been taking my dogs on many walks and of course, watching TikTok,” Gunn said.

Start a new hobby, invest in self-care, enjoy the warm weather and never take for granted the people surrounding you during these times.