What’s trending: Top political apps for Election Day

Tuesday is the day most citizens have been waiting anxiously for; it’s Election Day!  Yes, that treasured day when we, as Americans, use our rights to select the next officials that will run our country.

I know from my own experience a lot of people are starting to get sick of hearing about politics and the election, but it will all be over tomorrow.  In the meantime, a lot of people — mainly college students — still have school to go to and will be busy for most of Election Day and need a quick fix for all of the necessary information.

I have some unbiased, easy to find and navigable websites and applications to help you stay up to date on the going-ons of Election Day.

The first website is called Politico.com.  This is a live-updating website that covers many aspects of the 2012 elections.  Users can view a map that has the exact location of some of the more important political territories and can also view up-to-date polling figures in the presidential and senator campaigns along with other various polls.

Along with polls and geo-tagging aspects, there are also blogs and a live-streaming column of news about the 2012 elections.  It covers not only who is winning in this or that poll, but commentary from political strategists, comedians and political figures.

Another great website to visit is OpenSecrets.org.  This website is more about the financial background of some of the political players.  Here you can view how much the presidential candidates have received in donations, how much they have used of their own money and how much they have spent in all thus far.

There is information about other political races, like the senate seats that some senators are vying for as well as congressional funds that were used in their elections.

Of course, there are many news websites that would be easiest to view, like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or any major news website that has up-to-date information on the elections.  Many of these websites provide Smartphone applications.

Both Obama and Romney have a free Smartphone application available to the public.  Each application updates you about important campaign information such as where the candidate currently stands in the polls and race. Both of those applications can be found in the App Store for the iPhone.

There is one useful application that I found that costs $1.99.  The 2012 Map: the Presidential Election App is an interactive map showing who is winning in each of the states.  There are also tabs with a live feature showing live updates as election news rolls in.

Just like these websites and apps, a lot of the major news sources have free applications that will no doubt have information about all of your election needs.

Please remember to vote and have a happy Election Day!