Your Guide to Mount Pleasant Coffee Shops

Story by Lexi Carter

If there’s one thing that is essential to the college student life, it’s coffee. Whether it’s your morning pick-me-up, gets you through the afternoon or something you need every hour on the hour, there is no shortage of coffee shops in Mount Pleasant. While we do have chain coffee shops, there are also great local shops to chose from that will meet your coffee needs.

Kaya Coffee House

Kaya is a staple at Central Michigan University. The atmosphere is welcoming and their coffee is phenomenal. No matter what you want, they are sure to meet your needs. Whether you’re just stopping in for a quick boost of energy or looking to get some work done, Kaya is the perfect place. Kaya is located in the same building as the Malt Shop on the edge of north campus near Main Street. 

The Dreamer

Another popular scene at CMU is a local shop that everyone must visit in their time here. Close to campus, The Dreamer is easy for students on and off campus to access. With a lot of natural light and modern designs, it is a perfect place to focus and get work done, or just to hang out and enjoy one of their many specialty drinks. With a seasonally changing specialty menus and a great menu all year round, this is a great place to enjoy a regular cup of joe or something a little more fancy. Dreamer is on Franklin Street, near Kaya on the edge of north campus.

Pleasant City Coffee

If you find yourself downtown, or looking to go on an adventure for your morning coffee, Pleasant City Coffee is a great place to explore. With a quiet atmosphere, it’s a local favorite and welcoming to all guests. Not only is this a great place to enjoy your coffee, it’s also a prime meeting location to catch up with a friend or read a book. Pleasant City is on Broadway Street, across from City Hall downtown. 

Narrativality Coffee Roasters

Narrativality is an artisanal coffee roasting company who strives to ethically handcraft all of it’s coffee. Not only do they offer amazing coffee with no bitter taste, but you can also grab a bite to eat and try their waffles. Make sure when you’re downtown next, stop in and check out this friendly place. Narrativality is across the street from Max & Emily’s on Broadway.