Your Guide to Packing for Thanksgiving Break

With Thanksgiving break right around the corner, there is a thought that crosses every Central Fashionista’s mind – “What clothes do I bring home?”

Fear not. With a quick read through our list of necessities, you’ll be able to put together the perfect outfit for all occasions on our little break from school, whether it be for Thanksgiving dinner or Black Friday shopping.

Necessities to Pack:

1) Denim shirt
2) Skater skirt
3) Leggings
4) Thigh-high socks
5) Dressy blouse
6) Chunky accessories
7) Skinny jeans
8) Flannel shirt
9) Quilted vest
10) Combat boots
11) Closed-toe wedges
12) Thick scarf
13) Mittens
14) Winter boots

Assembling Your Look:

Bar Night

The night before Thanksgiving is notoriously huge for going out to the bar with friends, so don’t forget to pack for it!

Simply whip out your skinny jeans and dressy blouse, pair them with wedges and chunky jewelry, and you have a put together look that takes no effort at all.

DSC00752 DSC00750

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving morning is often a chilly one, so bundle up in a denim shirt, quilted vest and a pair of skinny jeans.

Make your outfit the best attempt at staying warm as you watch the floats – don’t forget the scarf, mittens and winter boots.


Thanksgiving Dinner

The dinner of all dinners is not just about the food, but getting dressed up and gathering with loved ones, too!

Keep on the denim shirt from the morning parade, throw on a nice skirt and tuck the top into it. For extra warmth, add some thigh-high socks.


Don’t forget to play up the jewelry – this is a special occasion after all!

Black Friday Shopping

As you are left in a food coma from the day before, Black Friday outfits require nothing but comfort and breathing room.

Toss on a flannel, your favorite leggings and some combat boots. Grab your quilted vest, mittens and scarf to beat the cold while standing outside in long lines.

However, nothing is as important as your wallet on this famous shopping holiday.

DSC00760 DSC00762