2018 Winter Trends: A Look Inside What Everyone’s Wearing This Winter

Photos by Alexis Thompson & Kayde Hambaum
Story by Alexis Thompson

Winter is a season where everyone wants to be cozy but also fashionable. Walking the streets with hot cocoa in your hand, these fashion trends will be sure to catch someone’s attention, even while feeling as comfortable as sweats.

Abby Scroggie, Freshman

Puffy in Pink — Puffer Coats
Rocking a pink puffer coat, Abby keeps in style all winter long. This pink puffer is covered with fur material to keep you extra cozy during the season. Abby pairs this with all black focusing on her pink velvet shoes to match the coat.

Grace Bolthouse, Senior

Forever Fuzzy — Cardigans
If it’s a nice day out and you don’t feel like wearing a huge coat, try a cardigan. Cardigans can go with anything you wear. Grace’s fuzzy cardigan gives the outfit texture and makes it bolder.

Hailee Kaske, Junior

Warm for the Winter — Parkas
Parkas seem to be one of the biggest trends this season. If you’re someone like Hailee, you’ll want yours to stand out by buying a different color or even adding a fur hood. This is a coat you can wear all day, everyday, no matter where you’re going.

Alex Cooper, Freshman

Simple in Style — Turtle Necks

If you don’t want to throw on a big scarf to stay warm, try wearing a turtle neck. Turtle necks, long or short, can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Alex pairs her turtle neck with small accessories and a black puffer coat.

Jenna Boulter, Junior

Comfort is Key — Athleisure

Athleisure has become one of the biggest trends of this year. It’s so simple to wear and even easier to rock. Whether you’re going to the grocery store or going to lunch, simply throw on leggings, tennis shoes, a Nike tee and you’re ready to go.

Jordan Zampa, Sophomore

Accessories are Necessities — Blanket Scarves

Blanket scarves are the cutest way to stay comfy and warm. Jordan wears her blanket scarf with jeans and a cute cardigan. With so many different options, you can wear a scarf with jeans and a nice top or with leggings and a hoodie, too.

Maddy Goss, Freshman

‘90s are Back — Velvet

One of the latest trends that has everyone shopping is the velvet trend. Just like the ‘90s, velvet is so in style! Maddy matches her velvet top with velvet knee high boots (also trending in 2018). The fur coat on top of the velvet gives the outfit a textured look which makes the outfit even more exciting and fun.