300 Words, One Life: Back to the beat

He listens to his shoes hit the ground as he walks.

He listens to the winter wind tear the last dead leaf from the most stubborn twig.

He listens to professors ramble on about deadlines and midterms and essays.

Kevin Butler’s ears hear a lot of noise throughout the day. But there’s only one thing that truly breaks through the barrier to his heart.


(Brooke Whitten | Grand Central Magazine)

Kevin’s love for music is not limited to any genre or artist and certainly no conformity. He just wants it to be different. Whether it is the tisk of a snare, the strum of a string or the rhythm of a rhyme, he wants it to be genuine.

Between papers and projects he surfs the web for innovative and talented artists. With any luck, he’ll find one. And with the click of a mouse and the close of his eyes, he is transported. Transported to his dream. Backstage where the roar of the crowd shakes his baggy clothes and the decibels of the bass quake the air in his lungs. Inhale…bum, bum, bum… exhale.

In a world with just music and soul and no limitations, Kevin dreams of living in the craziness. Living among the tour bus exhaust, the dimly lit venues, the sweaty fans and the spit drenched microphones. He wants to follow around passionate, driven artists to document and share their story. He wants to cover their lives and their road to perdition or paradise.

As the newly discovered track comes to a close, Kevin’s eyes reopen. For now, he’ll just have to blog about it.

For now, his dreams will have to live in his ear buds and speakers.

For now, all he can hear is the tap tapping of his keyboard.

For now, all he hears are hopes and dreams.