9 Totally 90s Trends That Are So In

Story by Hailee Kaske

Feature photo via Drew Roberts | Unsplash


The nostalgia of the 90s is something that almost everyone is obsessed with. The style is making a huge comeback in many ways – so sit tight, because we’re running through them all.

1.       Overalls

This trend is everywhere in many different forms: skirts, shorts and long pants.

2. Slide shoes

From cheetah to sparkle, there is a slide to match any outfit now. They are so easy to wear, and make any outfit fashionable.

3. Slip dresses

Slip dresses can match with jean jackets, vests, flannels and more. They give major 90s vibes.

4. Thigh high boots

Channel your inner Cher by rocking thigh high boots and socks. They are a staple for any fashionista.

5. Bodysuits

Bodysuits can be seen everywhere. This has become a staple in every girl’s closet this season and it is so totally 90s.

6. Denim

Who says double denim isn’t wearable? We love all forms of denim: skirts, jeans, jackets, shoes and chokers. The more denim added, the more nostalgic.

7. Chokers

Chokers are coming back and we love it. This trend is totally wearable with any denim outfit or slip dress.

8. Graphic Tees

There is no shame is buying a band tee because it’s cute. Distress your band tees to give them an edgy and nostalgic vibe.

9. Faux FurFaux fur is on everything. Purses, jewelry and shoes are seen everywhere with faux fur. This fuzz adds so much 90’s vibes.