A Closer Look at CMU Workout Facilities

Story by Lexi Carter
Photo Courtesy of Central Michigan 

Central Michigan University is known for being great for a lot of reasons, but one aspect that isn’t utilized nearly enough is the workout facilities that are offered to all students and faculty.

We want to be your happiest and healthiest self during your time at CMU. So, we’re letting you know what’s available and you can find what works best for you and your workout routine!

Student Activity Center
The biggest of these is the Student Activity Center, which offers so much that it can be a little overwhelming at times.

The SAC includes a large fitness center with multiple strength training equipment and courts for basketball, volleyball and racquetball. However, the SAC isn’t just used for muscle building and intense workouts – it offers a variety of activities to the students and community members that fit exactly what their interests are ranging from table tennis, dancing, group fitness classes and personal training.

Residential Facilities
No, it’s not uncommon for a university to have a gym on campus. But what is unique to CMU is that not only is there the SAC with it’s great quality and amenities, but there is a gym in every residential area, making staying in shape on campus as easy as walking down the hall or across the street.

The largest fitness centers, besides the SAC, are located in the Towers and East Campus and open only to on campus residence hall students.

If you’re new to working out and living on campus, taking advantage of the free fitness and wellness programs are an easy way to jump into campus life. Living in residence halls, students are able to participate in the Chip Fit Personal training programs, track their workouts all semester and receive prizes just for working out.

Group fitness classes are also available to residence hall students for those who may want a more structured workout with a guide to follow. Offered all over campus, the classes are free and no registration is required. Every day of the week there is something new to try. But don’t worry, if you miss your favorite Zumba class or yoga, the schedule is on rotation to try again the following week.

After exploring all that CMU fitness facilities have to offer, it’s hard to not get out there and try out a few new things.