A Pleasant Slice: The Cabin Pizza

A Pleasant Slice is a new series that will provide reviews of local pizza places in and around Mount Pleasant. So then you know the best place to fix your pizza cravings depending on the type of pie that tickles your taste buds the most.

Pizza is the Holy Grail of the hungry, nocturnal, college student who is looking to spend a little more than the three dollars required for a Taco Bell run, or for those that may not be in any condition to get themselves to a fast food restaurant.

One of the most hyped up food items in the Mount Pleasant area is definitely the Cabin’s pizza. After hearing so many great things about the pizzas at the Cabin, I felt the need to visit and have myself an old-fashioned, large, pepperoni pie and to make the Cabin the first feature of the A Pleasant Slice series.

The environment at the Cabin was comfortable and fun. I personally had a small gripe with the fact that most of the televisions in sight were showing poker rather than football, but that was easily changed upon request. The service was very quick for how busy the place was, and good service at that. Before even trying the food I had visions of me revisiting the establishment, it really has a likeable environment.

As the pie was brought out to me, it both looked and smelled excellent, so my mouth began to water like Pavlov’s dog after the ringing of a bell. The first bite of a piece of pizza is always the best in my opinion, there’s something about that corner of the slice.

The Cabin’s pizza did not let me down in any sense of the first bite; however, as my mouth continued the charge on the crust, a slight sense of disappointment set in. The cheese was great, the perfect combination of brown, baked upper and a melted under. The pepperoni was well distributed across the pie and of high quality, but the problem for me came with the sauce. The taste of the sauce was on point, very savory and not too sweet, but the quantity was severely lacking. As I continued to the outer edge of the slice, I found that the crust fell perfectly between overcooked and too doughy, and had a good taste to boot.

Maybe I just went into the eating session with too high of expectations, but all were exceeded aside from the amount of sauce used. I would certainly have it again, but next time I’d have a side of pizza sauce, ranch, or garlic sauce to dip my slices into. The cost is slightly higher than other chain pizza spots, but the price is well worth it. Bottom line: A very good pizza indeed, but just a tweak or two away from perfection. I was not disappointed by the hype.

I give the Cabin’s pizza 4 out of 5 slices.