An Exclusive Look at Threads’ Backstage Beauty Prep

Threads Fashion Show showcases the hard work of many fashion merchandising and design students on and off the runway, but to help execute the perfect look for any model a few helping hands are needed.

Saturday, April 23, Grand Central went backstage to check out the models’ primping process for the show later that evening. The hairstyling room was hectic, but beauty expert Joe Lawless controlled the madness.

Lawless is no rookie in the hair business. For seven years, he was a cooperate educator for JCPenny salons in 48 stores, overseeing more than 400 stylists. Now, Lawless works with the MJ Murphy Beauty School in Mount Pleasant.

The students of MJ Murphy curled, straightened and styled the models’ hair for the event to compliment their attire with three different chic, but simplistic styles.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.55.25 AM

The three styles were chosen by the Threads modeling directors, and Lawless said the looks were chic, while maintaining focus on the clothes.

The first look the designers could choose from was a slicked back, “Kylie Jenner/Kim Kardashian” hairstyle that could be achieved with a directional blow dry and a ton of hairspray.

This look was selected by multiple designers for the runway including Allyson Vara’s ready-to-wear collection.

The next look was a low bun that was twisted two times. Lawless said this look was perfect for coming from the beach or even day-to-day activities, while the final style was a loose fish tale braid, that was simple, but high-fashion. Lawless explained the three hairstyles are perfect for the upcoming season.

“Girls are always trying to come up with easy ways to style hair, and I think any of these looks would be great for summer.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.55.11 AM

While the main focus of the show was on the collections, models and designers, Lawless said the Threads Fashion Show is beneficial to the cosmetology students and aids in the learning process.

While the cosmetology students don’t get to be as creative because the styles are already chosen, they are told what to do and how to execute the style properly, which perfects their technique and is helpful for experience in the future.

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Lawless ended our conversation with some positive words about Threads at Central Michigan University.

Threads is a step up from any other fashion show. I’ve been to many real fashion shows from around the country, and this is very comparable.

Photos by Devon Rademacher.