We Sat Down With “Project Runway” Finalist and Threads Judge, Char Glover

Fashion designer and finalist of “Project Runway” (season 13), Charketa “Char” Glover, was the guest judge and acted as a mentor to the student designers at Threads Fashion Show on Saturday, April 23.

Glover spent two days with the students and staff of the fashion merchandising and design program, giving them insight on the fashion industry.

Being a hands-on person, Glover gave student designers one-on-one consultations on things surrounding their collections, and even advice on planning for the future after graduation.

Grand Central sat down with Glover to talk about everything from “Project Runway” to her personal confidence.

Grand Central: How was your experience on the TV show, “Project Runaway”?

Char Glover: Challenging! Just being around such talented people is a learning experience. But, it has made me a better designer overall. The show makes you reach deep within yourself to find creativity – for some of the challenges, we would only have about 10 hours to complete a look. If we got two days we were lucky.

Glover said that being from Detroit was an advantage as a contestant on the show.

On the east side of Detroit, there are only two different fabric stores.

“When there were challenges to shop for vintage wear, I knew how to work with what we were given.”

GC: How has your family reacted to your success?

CG: They are so over me! *Laughs* Everyone has been really supportive! Including the people of my community – I have received so many positive comments for representing Detroit in the way that I did, it’s amazing. My name is “Charketa” and I’m from Detroit, Mich. Some people might think that I’ll come through snapping my finger. But that is NOT me!

In fact, many of Char’s followers on social media commend her for showing such sophistication on “Project Runway,” and for being a positive role model for Detroit’s youth.

GC: Do you follow trends?

CG: Not necessarily. I do notice trends, but I like to take those trends and make them into my own. For example, I noticed that the off-the-shoulder look is coming back. I made sure to include that in my collection with my own spin.

GC: How would you describe your own style?

CG: My style is laid back and simple. I do try to wear my own line when going to events, just to showcase my work.

GC: What advice have you given to the fashion students here at Central Michigan University?

CG: I really wanted them to know that their voice is necessary. Don’t feel like there’s no space for you, no matter what platform of fashion you venture into. Because there’s so many people in this business, you have to own who you are.

GC: What’s next for Char?

CG: Right now I’m focusing on promoting my clothing line, RockNRemix. Having my own fashion line has been so rewarding. With this line, I really wanted to get back to my roots. The “rock” is the edgy vibe of the collection, and the “remix” is the vintage style.

When asked about her living situation, Char said she currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

“L.A. is a consistent hustle, but you can meet the best people. Just the other week I was at lunch with a big business personnel – there are many opportunities that come with traveling,” Glover said.

Char has been showcasing her fashion line by having pop up shops from Detroit to New York and Los Angeles.

You can keep up with the runway star’s collection by visiting RockNRemix.com, or by following her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.