Avoid a Case of the Mondays

As illustrated in the famed 1999 film “Office Space,” people attest Mondays – a dreaded day of productivity and societal-involvement. As college students, it is terribly undesirable to end the small break we receive between hectic weekday schedules only to begin again.

I can’t help but feel bad for the non-technical first day of the week – it’s not like it chose to be the day directly following the weekend. If that day were Tuesday, would we hate Tuesday just as much?

Now, I may have put way too much thought into the technicalities of Monday, but my point is a positive one.

Instead of hating on the day we inevitably have to face, integrate a variety of helpful activities into your Monday routine to ensure a more enjoyable start up to your week.

Who knows, you might surprise yourself and actually begin to like Mondays.

Pick your Monday music

Create a playlist exclusively to fit your Monday feels. Whether you like easy-listening tracks that help you ease into the week or you need an extra-shot of energy with tunes that put some pep in your step, a custom playlist keeps your favorite sounds in your head all day long as you head to class or run errands.

Prep your meals

As someone who is two-years-removed from the dorms and the convenience of a meal plan, thinking about meals for the week ahead is one more obligation on a long list of other things needing attention.

Planning out each day’s meals at the start of the week is an easy way to alleviate the question of “What’s for dinner?” and to make trips to the grocery store more worthwhile.

Meal planning and night-before meal prep, although it takes more time, also allows you to incorporate healthier meal options into your week. Taking the time to think about the food you are buying and consuming helps you get the proper nutrients to power through your busy schedule.

Live in the dorms? On-campus students can conveniently view the week’s meal options online throughout the dining halls and plan their visits accordingly. Knowing your options ahead of time let’s you know the variety you’ll be able to receive throughout the week.

Plot the week’s activities

Some Mondays we wake up feeling as light as a feather ­– and then we log into Blackboard and are hit with a ton of bricks.

Instead of holding a grudge against Monday for being the day you discover deadlines and due dates, plan your week accordingly. Utilize a planner and plot out important dates and events so you have a general idea of what your week will look like.

Don’t forget to check back throughout your week to stay on top of your busy schedule.

Be active

Stress, irritability and sleep deprivation are all too familiar for those ages 18-25.

Physical activity is a fantastic way to reduce stress, regulate sleep patterns and promote overall health. Pencil in time to hit the Student Activity Center on Monday to get your week off to a physically fresh start.

Whether it’s running around the track, playing dodge ball or practicing yoga, do right by your body – get up and move.

Smile and spread positivity

Finally, with all your personal Monday gains, don’t forget to pay that positivity forward.

We are all busy students running in a million different directions, but no matter where your hectic life takes you, a simple smile or hello to whomever you encounter or a small good deed for someone else is enough to make your Monday a success.