Campus Style Crush: Chyann Hawk

As college students, we idolize celebrities and attempt to mimic their styles, but what about the unknown fashion icons we see every day?

“Fun, risk-taking and trendy” are words Detroit senior Chyann Hawk chooses to describe her personal style. Growing up, she idolized her mother’s wardrobe, who would become her style inspiration for years to come.

“I admired my mom’s sense of fashion,” Hawk said. “She’s always trendy and conservative with just the right amount of sass.”

As a fashion-minded student studying broadcast and cinematic arts, Hawk browses countless style magazines, blogs and social media outlets to keep up with current trends.

Style Peeve/Obsession

We all browse and critique trends. Some trends we hate and others we fall head over heels in love with – and this Chippewa fashionista is no different. Although there isn’t much that bothers Hawk as far the world of fashion goes, there is one thing that grinds her gears: Flood pants.

But have no fear, Hawk has an easy solution for those with this issue.

“If your pants are flooding, try pairing them up with boots or cut them into capri pants or shorts,” she said.

While flood pants are Hawk’s idea of a fashion faux pas, she loves bold color patterns that make statements.

“My style obsession right now is color blocking and animal print,” she said. “When I’m wearing these two things, I’m at the top of my game, looking good and feeling good, as every woman should.”

Style Evolution

Hawk hasn’t always been so fashion forward. In her earlier years, her style was more basic. In her tween years, she said her main concern was staying neat, while her high school years were focused solely on name brand items.

Now in her senior year of college, her style and frame of mind have matured quite a bit.

“Now I care about being creative and unique while making a statement,” Hawk said. “Being 22, I care a lot about looking classy and professional with just a hint of sass. I think the older I get, the more I care about how I present myself. With time, some things in your closet you outgrow, not just in size but mentally as well.”

As a fashionista, Hawk knows her style isn’t static and will continue to change as she does, but one thing will never change – her ability to make the most out of her wardrobe.

“In many ways, I see my style following my mother’s because of the way I organize my closet,” she said. “I shop on a budget and can take a simple piece of clothing and utilize it in multiple ways.”