CMU Students Bring Color to Mount Pleasant

Story by Alysha Lewis

Photos courtesy of Museum of Color

Despite the frigid temperatures outside, a group of Central Michigan University students created a world of color at the Museum of Color event Friday evening. The four CMU students who put on the event are currently in RPL 430. RPL stands for recreation, parks and leisure.

The Museum of Color was created to get students involved in activities and take pictures behind the creative hand-made student backdrops. The rooms featured were pink, yellow, purple and white.

The students of RPL 430 were split into groups in class and had the task of putting on an event throughout the semester. Each group has to choose a charity to donate all proceeds to and obtain sponsors for their event.

The Make A-Wish foundation was the chosen charity for all proceeds to go to. Junior Corrine Bass chose Make-A-Wish because of her own personal wish she granted years ago with Nigel Barker in New York City.

The Museum of Color featured a Make-A-Wish backdrop which was inspired by the honorable charity filled with activities for students to do. Students were given the opportunity to write a letter to Santa. For every letter written to Santa, a dollar was donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Junior Grace Sabisch talked about the purpose behind the Museum of Color.

“We wanted to give people a photo opportunity to post on Instagram right before they go out for the night,” Sabisch said.

Bass said the inspiration behind the museum of color came from the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco, California.

“I went to the museum around Christmas time last year and was blown away by it,” Bass said. “There’s only two locations so I wanted to emulate that and bring it to Mount Pleasant.”

“I’m hoping our guest and participants will learn to go somewhere and have a good time and partake in activities,” Sabisch said. “Learn what something is about and take time to learn where your money is going to and process what your money is going towards.”

The Museum of Color was just one of the events put on by students in RPL 430, be sure the check the events calendar throughout the rest of the semester to support your fellow Chippewas.