CMU’s Threads Fashion calls ALL models


Story by Anna Konen

Photos by Corinne Konarska and Maddi Hill

The Threads annual Fashion show is an event put on by students for students. The hard work, dedication, and creativity that is poured into this event each and every year is admirable. 

At the second model call of the season, and one of the first events leading up to Threads, students get a chance to practice their model walk, take headshots, and of course strike a pose, all whilst being cheered on by their peers.

Students like sophomore Jill Harrington (she/her/hers), pictured below, talks about why she loves Threads.

“This is a double whammy; I get to go to the fashion show and be in the fashion show. I also just love fashion and it’s a great opportunity to showcase something that I don’t get to do with my journalism major,” Harrington said.

Students like junior John Gardner (he/him/his), are using threads to push themself to do something they normally would not.

“I always had a passion for dressing up, but this year, one of my 2022 resolutions was to get out of my comfort zone and I feel like this is me getting out of my comfort zone,” Gardner said.

Junior Ashlin Schnell (she/her/hers), shows her best pose and talks about how inspiring she found  Threads after watching the Live-Streamed show last year.

“Everything just like looked so professional and like clean and it looks like truly as if it was any other fashion show and it’s impressive to see that it’s all students,” Schnell said.

Threads is a time for designers, models, writers, artists, and friends to come together and create something incredible. Threads Fashion x The Elements will be coming to CMU this spring.


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