Every Guy Should Own: Some breast cancer awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of that I thought I would discuss a controversial subject amongt men: pink.  Being aware is always in style, and I’m sure that many of you already know the official color of the breast cancer awareness movement is pink — a hue that most guys shy away from.

The color of little girls and bros alike, pink gets a bad rap. Most guys associate it with My Little Pony or some kid that used to cheat off their papers in 10th grade algebra, but for the month of October, I think we should all let pink off the hook. Embrace the little boy inside of you that was always a little jealous that little girls got to play with realistic houses and movable people while we got stuck with Hot Wheels trucks and those little plastic army men who couldn’t even move.

I don’t even know how pink got its bad reputation — it seems to me that the innocent mixture of red and white isn’t especially offensive to the male form, in fact it’s flattering. Everyone looks good in some shade of pink. Guys have the freedom to run around in just about anything without being judged too harshly — we can get away with wearing sneakers with a tux — but pink sends most of us running. I have always found this somewhat odd, because in my eyes pink is daring; if a guy can wear pink confidently he has my respect.

Pink’s playfulness adds some personality and flair to any look while staying appropriate for almost any occasion. Pink is also one of the easiest colors to wear — it goes with almost anything. Pair the color with dark wash or black jeans and a neutral colored sweater for a nice everyday look, or wear some khakis or slacks with a nice coat or blazer to make a more formal ensemble. There is really no way around it — pink looks good on guys.

There are a ton of pink items out there for guys, especially things that endorse breast cancer awareness. These items are perfect to wear for every day because they are socially aware and make you look intelligent, and the profits from your purchase go to a worthy cause. If you are a beginner with pairing pink, keep it simple. Try a solid pink shirt with a sweater, even a pink ribbon will do.

If you are looking to show a little more personality with the color, try a jacket, or even some pink accessories- socks, bracelets, hats, even shoe laces.  Be aware that there are many different shades of pink, and that you need to find one that is best on you. Some guys can rock neon pink, whereas others are better suited for salmon. Whether you are rocking a salmon jacket or some neon laces, though, take part in breast cancer awareness and sport some pink this month.