Every Guy Should Own: Sweaters for every occasion

With the promise of Thanksgiving break coming closer, sweaters are becoming more and more popular in the male crowd on campus.  Every guy should own a sweater, no exceptions. I don’t care about excuses. If you don’t have at least two in your closet, you should seriously re-evaluate how you’ve been purchasing apparel. Sweaters are a great option when you don’t know what to wear; they are easy to dress down and up. Keeping that in mind, I have thought up some sweater go-to’s that can have you ready for any occasion.

For a more formal occasion, pair a solid V-neck sweater with a dress shirt and some neutral colored slacks, maybe even a sports coat if you’re feeling especially fancy.  This look is great for something that is billed as semi-formal, or if you’re unclear about the dress code, it will keep you looking nice without sending out a prom vibe.

If you are aiming for a more casual look, but still trying to keep yourself  picture-ready, try layering a solid sweater (crew or V-neck) with a Henley or printed button-up (this look can also be achieved by pairing a printed or patterned sweater with a solid button-up). This look can be adjusted  to come off trendy (try pairing it with black jeans for a more contemporary feel) or classic and will make you look nice without appearing too dressed up. This outfit would be great for going out, a dinner or coffee date, or any other casual event that you want to look polished for.

If you are aiming for a more fashion-forward sweater fix, look for sweaters with an interesting pattern, texture, color, or cut. All of these will make you stand out.  I recommend any of the printed sweaters that J-Crew is showing this season because they all have an interesting prints, without reading too Bill Cosby circa 1993. Also look into the new “waffled” sweaters from Gap. They have an interesting pattern that reads high fashion, but come in simple colors and cuts so that are easy to pair. As far as finding a unique color or cut, I recommend ASOS — some of their items can be a little expensive, but they make excellent clothing that should last you a while, which justifies the price.

And, my personal favorite, if you are just looking to stay warm this fall and look socially acceptable, I recommend investing in some solid and simple patterned crew neck sweaters that you can throw on with blue jeans and some shoes while running out the door. This look is simple and classic, and will keep you looking like you care about your appearance without having to do any of the extra legwork when shopping or early-morning (or afternoon for some of you) thinking. These can be found anywhere from Banana Republic to Salvation Army, and are appropriate for anything below a semi-formal dress code.

Keep these ideas in mind next time you aren’t sure how to dress for an occasion and when you are out shopping. These looks will keep you warm and in style without having to do too much thinking.