Fall Fashion


Story by Megan Mearnic

Photos by Maddi Hill

As the leaves start to change and the temperature starts to cool off, CMU students have perfect opportunity to show their fall fashion.


Rachel Zauel is a senior majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design and minoring in Cinema Arts.

She said she loves all types of fashion, especially vintage clothing.

“My fashion changes with the day, but I like to take mainstream fashion trends and twist it to make it more personal,” Zauel said.

Her style inspiration comes from old movies and music.

“I love ‘80s and ‘90s music, so most of my style inspiration comes from there. Freddie Mercury is an icon, and most of my inspiration comes from him,” she said. “I also get inspired from movies like Heathers and 10 Things I Hate About You.”

During her time at Central Michigan University, Zauel was able to study abroad in Paris. She got to take classes at Paris American Academy, attend a fashion show in Antwerp, and go to London to see a special Dior exhibit.

“This study abroad taught me a lot about fashion, but also gave me insight into the world,” she said.

Zauel is currently a part of Threads, a student-run fashion show on campus. Her freshman year she started off as a model and progressed from there. Now, as a senior, she is a producer.

“Being a producer for Threads is so special because it’s an opportunity that you wouldn’t expect to experience in Mount Pleasant. I’ve gotten to meet so many different people while being involved in the past four years,” Zauel said. “With Threads I can utilize my creativity and develop my professional skills.”


Sophomore Joelle Beauchamp is a Fashion Merchandising and Design major.

She describes her fashion sense as modern but trendy, and she loves to style basic clothing with fun pieces of color.

“I get my style inspiration from multiple different places. Most of it comes from social media influencers and movies,” she said. “Influencers like Taryn Cumbo, Josefine H.J., Matilda Djerf, and movies such as Devil wears Prada, Cruella De Vil and Sex in The City.”

The friends she has made in the FMD program inspire her as well.

Beauchamp loves the FMD program. She said the professors make the classes enjoyable and believes it will prepare her well for her future.

In the spring semester, she will be taking Fashion Show Production and will be able to help plan the Threads fashion show.

She is currently a part of the Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design, a fashion RSO on campus. Beauchamp has made several new friends through this club. They have lots of socials and are planning a trip to New York City this winter.

“This is a great RSO for fashion majors or anyone interested in fashion,” she said.


Carmella Contesti is a junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design and minoring in Business Administration.

“I don’t have a set fashion style; it tends to change depending on the day or mood,” Contesti said.

Her favorite is street wear mixed with comfort and lots of color. Her shoes are her main fashion statement.

Her fashion inspiration comes from movies, music and people.

“I get my inspiration from influencers and celebrities like Hailey Bieber and other streetwear influencers,” she said

Contesti described the FMD program as a comfortable space that allows her to be creative and collaborate with others in the program.

She said the professors allow you to express your style and create a lot of opportunities for their students.

She is currently a part of the Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design, a fashion RSO on campus.

“When I graduate, I would like to move to California and become a stylist and work on movie sets,” she said.


Sophomore Isabella Silos is double majoring in Dance Studies and Theatre Interpretation and minoring in Entrepreneurship.

Silos does not have a specific style that she associates with.

“I dress on the spectrum of masculine and feminine and have a style that is unique to myself,” she said.

When looking for style inspiration she doesn’t turn to social media. Being a dancer has influenced her style.

“I wear whatever I feel comfortable in, meaning I find different textures and pattern that work well together, I dance every single day so I must accommodate that,” she said.

She tends to take more inspiration from men’s fashion and molds it with women’s fashion.

Silos is currently dancing with a dance team that is unaffiliated with CMU.

“I am currently a part of a dance family called The Pursuit of Ahhwesomeness which is run by Professor Bird. We perform at Mainstage, music festivals such as Breakaway, compete at World of Dance, Host dance battles, dance in high end stores and perform at halftime during basketball games,” Silos said. “We are sponsored by Nike, Sprayground and Red Bull.”