Fall Weather Skincare: Fighting Dryness

Story and photo by Caitlin Eddy

The air is getting crisp, and the leaves are starting to change colors. Fall is the time of year that skin begins to need a little more love and attention. The air is getting dryer and so is the skin.

Central Michigan University student Elliot Johnson, an Art History major, uses the same skin care routine year-round.

“I just use salicylic acid face wash and a moisturizer,” Johnson said. “I’m not too extravagant.”

CMU student Rebecca Mueller, a graphic design major, uses Proactive as her go-to fall skincare routine.

“I use the Proactive 3-step cleanser, toner, and repair every other night alone with the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub,” said Mueller. “After I do that, I use Clearasil Clean Pads.”

If someone wants to get a little deeper into their skincare, include these steps to beat the chill. Start with a light cleanser in the morning, along with a vitamin C serum to help brighten the complexion. Then, don’t forget the sunscreen.

Even though it is fall, the sun’s rays can still damage the skin. Find a moisturizer and or foundation with sunscreen already in it to get this step in without thinking about it. Look for at least SPF 30, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. when it’s rays are strongest.

At night, do the double cleanse. Cleanse number one consists of getting all the makeup, dirt, sunscreen and sweat off the skin. This might take a minute to really make sure all that grime gets off. If makeup wipes are being used, more than one will probably have to be used to do the job. After all the gunk is off, go in again with a salicylic acid based cleanser or a physical exfoliate to get all the dead skin cells off the face. Again, this may take a minute.

After that, use a retinol serum to help reproduce collegian. Try to look for a lower percentage of retinol when first starting out. Retinol can be tough on the skin at first. What the retinol is doing is really getting into the skin and purging all the stuff the cleansers don’t get. So, watch for breakouts and dry patches in the first couple weeks of use. Stick it out though; It’ll be worth it in the end. Only use the retinol at night, it makes the skin much more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

Once the retinol is on, seal it all up with a thick moisturizer, especially if you are prone with dry skin, and then go to bed on a clean pillow. If it’s been a long night, just do the first cleanse to get makeup, sunscreen and sweat off. Even this one step will do wonders for the skin as far as pimples and clogged pores go.

This routine is a simple process that will help clear pores, get rid of huge breakouts and leave the skin feeling soft and glowy. If breakouts continue, or there are other problems, seek a dermatologist to help out. Not all skin conditions can be treated through products alone.