First Date: The essentials to have in your purse

Regardless of whether this is your first, first date or your 100th, it’s important to be prepared with the essentials, should any particular circumstance arise.

The list includes:

Cell phone. It’s always important to have your cell phone on you at all times, no matter where you are. Cell phones on a first date are especially useful because they can be used as an emergency getaway or to simply call or text your date to let him know if you are running late.

I.D. If you both are of age and feel like having an adult beverage, then you’ll need your I.D. to order one. It is a good idea to have your I.D. on you anyway, if you are driving to meet your date.

Lip gloss/Chapstick. Dry lips don’t just happen during the winter. If you’re someone who is frequently outside during any time of the year, it is important to keep your lips hydrated. Chapstick works just fine, although some people may prefer lip gloss instead to add a little sparkle and shine.

Tampon. Pretty self-explanatory —you never know when Mother Nature might decide to sneak up on you.

Money. Whether you plan on paying for your own dinner or your date’s as well, it is always important to have some money stashed away in your purse. This money could also be spent on a cab, should your date pick you up and you feel like going home after instead.

Concealer. There is a reason why the expression “I need to go powder my nose,” exists. Women typically use this phrase when they need to go freshen their makeup in the ladies’ room. Concealer is handy to have in the event a zit pops up, if you didn’t get much sleep the night before (and have bags beneath your eyes) or because it has simply worn off throughout the day.

Mace. Mace probably isn’t needed as much as the other items, but is still important to have nonetheless. Mace is useful in the event something goes awry on your date and you need a way to defend yourself. Chances are it likely won’t be needed, so stash it somewhere in your purse where it is out of sight.

Hand sanitizer. For obvious reasons, to keep his and your hands clean, especially if you are at a place where they may not have restrooms. Or even if they do, as an extra precaution.

Lotion. Same reason as having lip gloss. It is good to have lotion on-hand, so you keep your skin hydrated.

Mini perfume sample from a store. In case you fear your deodorant might be wearing off or isn’t strong enough, you can use perfume to help mask the problem for the time being.

Mints. In the event you come straight from work or somewhere other than home, breath mints can help freshen your breath if you don’t have time to brush your teeth again.

Comb/Brush. If the weather outside is windy or so humid that your hair falls flat, then a comb/brush can help fix that.