Five Ways To Manage Online Classes

Story & graphic by Francesca Gilardone

With all classes being switched to online, this can be a difficult time for everyone. Having to completely change your daily routine and get into a new, virtual schedule can make students even more stressed. Here are a few ways to manage the switch to online.

1. Get ahead on assignments

Creating less stress for yourself during this time is important. Getting ahead on your assignments instead of putting things off until the last minute will reduce procrastination.

2. Stay organized

Consider investing in a daily planner to stay on top of tasks. This will allow you to plan out your weeks and prepare for what is to come. Planners can also help create and keep you in a daily routine.

3. Communicate with your professors

It’s important to actively communicate with your professors. Find out your professors virtual office hours and schedule a time to meet with them virtually. If any confusion arises, this will help you not feel overwhelmed with your course work and allow you to ask questions when needed. Your professors are here to help.

4. Stay connected with classmates

Just because you’re taking your classes online doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with your peers. Continuing to communicate with your classmates virtually can reduce the amount of stress and help keep you motivated with your studies.

5. Keep calm and stay positive

It’s essential to keep yourself busy and not dwell on a situation you cannot control. Remember there is still time for improvement and you can accomplish anything you set your mind too.