Grand Central’s Guide to Surviving Finals

With finals starting next week, the stress is undoubtedly starting to pile on if it hasn’t already. If someone hasn’t told you, stressing out will not make this week easier, but in fact, will make things a lot harder.

Instead of stressing out about how you’re going to conquer all of your finals, check out these beneficial study tips to get you prepared and ready to go come Monday.

We know outlines are a fantastic writing tool, so we have prepared one just to motivate you. (You’re on your own for the other ones).

Make a List

Developing a list of everything you need to get done is a great way to see everything you have to accomplish right in front of you.

  • Start with the things that have to get done first, then work your way down to the things that you have more time to accomplish. This, however, doesn’t mean putting off all your final assignments to the last minute, but do work little by little leading up to the due date.
  • A list will help you monitor the progress you’ve been making daily and will keep you in check while studying. Don’t put anything off, don’t wait until you feel like studying, just get started.

Study Everyday

Don’t just wait until the night before, or even two nights before, to begin preparing for your upcoming finals.

  • Review your notes daily to really know the information and learn how to use what is in your notes.
  • Review old tests, study guides and course objects to nail down exactly what you need to know for your exams. Being over prepared is better than being under prepared. Predict possible questions by going over what was really emphasized in class and things that showed up on tests or quizzes multiple times.
  • Once you know the format of the exam, adjust your study technique to it. Each exam is given differently, so don’t just blindly study your notes without knowing what you need them for.
  • If an exam is cumulative, study a new section everyday so you aren’t overwhelmed. If you’re studying and you don’t know all the material, move on and then return to it.
  • If there are review questions in the back or throughout your book, try your hand at those to see what you really need to work on.

Reward Yourself

You don’t have to study all day for hours on end. Reward yourself after a few hours of studying by checking out what you missed on social media, watching a 30 minute show on Netflix or grabbing a quick snack.

  • Don’t try to overwhelm your brain by trying to process everything you’ve learned over the course of a whole semester. Take short breaks and rest.
  • When you are studying, make sure you are in a distraction free environment. Put your phone away, turn of your TV and don’t pull up your social media. Don’t let the distractions keep you from doing well on your finals.

Stay Healthy and Positive

Don’t study so much that you aren’t sleeping. Sleep is necessary to get through the week of finals.

  • Try to avoid too much sugar, caffeine and energy drinks, because your body will end up crashing and it will make the week harder.
  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water to keep your energy high and brain alert to get through the week.
  • Don’t overwhelm your brain or your body too much and don’t let the finals week get you down. Staying positive and healthy will help you power through the whole week.

Good luck on finals, Chips! And, congratulations on another semester in the books at Central Michigan University.