Guidelines for Thrift Shopping

Attention fashion world, there is a threat to normal retail shopping. Malls and fast fashion stores better look out, because vintage clothing is taking off – and fast.

Not only is it a treatment to wallet anxiety, but where else can you find a diverse range of styles out of this decade? You’re either born with the ability to sift through thrift stores and pick up gems, or you just don’t even know where to begin.

Grand Central has some tips on making thrift shopping a bit easier.

Vanity Sizing

Finding the right size can be tricky when it comes to second hand shopping. Since a majority of the garments are from another decade, the sizes may not run true to today’s sizing standards. This is what we call vanity sizing.

Vanity sizing is when a smaller size is labeled on a bigger waistline measurement.

For example, a pair of hammer pants from the ’80s may have a size eight label, but is equivalent to a size four today. Which is why it’s important to try things on while in the store.

Puzzling Styles

Unlike mainstream stores, clothing in a second hand shop is separated by sizing, category and gender – not by specific style. This is where you have to dig deep and keep your eyes open.

Like a force, the perfect garment will shine its way to your eyes like a desirable sequined top. It may take patience and a good attitude to shop successfully. To be a dedicated shopper you must explore every rack and keep an open mind.

You never know when you may want that tweed Coco Chanel knock-off jacket.

Exit the Comfort Zone

Due to the incredibly low prices, this is the time to buy those bold garments you were curious to try.

The coolest thing about thrift shopping is that you never know what you are going to find. Take a chance on those sequined shorts, shoulder-padded blazers and printed button downs. Thrift shopping is a safe place to purchase those loud garments you’ve always desired.

More than Clothes

Thrift stores have an abundance of “junk” that may come in handy someday. Rollerblades, VCRs, skateboards, lava lamps and etc. There will be groovy items to consider, because they may be extinct as time goes on.

Our point is, the items you will find may not be easily found elsewhere, and for as cheap.

A Greater Cause

When thrifting you are helping fulfill both the community and the environment.

Proceeds from stores like Salvation Army and Goodwill are donated back into the community to support citizens. So, if you have any clothes to donate, keep the cycle going and donate away!

Another hidden factor behind thrift shopping is the practice of recycling garments.

Recycling is crucial because producing apparel takes a lot of natural resources that may hinder the environment. By participating in second hand shopping you are recycling for the greater good of this earth, and others style.

The Style Squad

Friends who shop together look good together.

Being a part of a squad of style is incredibly awesome. Look at the Spice Girls for example, they were all different personalities, but looked hella cool.

Take a shopping trip together for the day. Have fun and try on stellar jumpsuits and prom dresses just for fun, because whatever happens in a thrift shop, goes straight to Instagram and Snapchat.