Hot or Not: Fall boots

With fall and winter comes colder weather, which means one thing: it’s boots season.

Girls wear boots with many different outfits to either dress it up or to stay warm. Leather boots are worn to dress up an outfit, while the popular UGGs are worn to keep warm. Combat boots help give an outfit a little more edge and boots with fringe make the outfit more fun.

Do guys like a certain type of boot on girls more than another?

“There are some boots that look good on girls and some that don’t. Whenever it rains, it seems like every girl on campus wears rain boots and I just don’t know why they like them so much. I understand that they keep your feet dry, but I just find that shiny rubber look ugly,” Dearborn junior Chris Phillips said. “A boot that I do like though are those leather or suede boots that go up to around a girl’s knees. I think a lot of girls can pull them off and they can definitely boost her appearance.”

“I like some and not others. I hate ones with heels,” Warren sophomore Scott Stawinksi said.

“I really dont have much of a preference when girls wear boots,” Illinois sophomore Ryan McGough said. “I don’t know if this is the names for them but cowgirl boots look good.”

“As long as they’re comfortable I’m fine with it,” Cameron Milbrot, a sophomore from Swartz Creek, said.

“I like it when my girlfriend wears boots,” Lake Orion sophomore Anthony Litwin said. “I don’t like UGGs.  They are too common.”

“It’s cool when girls wear boots but only in the proper season or weather,” Flint junior Zach McMurray said. “I’d have to say that the boots that have short tops look absolutely ridiculous but other than that, boots are cool.”

Verdict: Boots are still a staple in every girl’s wardrobe, but it may be time to find a different boot to wear in the winter than UGGs.