How To: Add sweaters to your summer wardrobe

After months of Michigan winter, one can only hope summer is right around the corner. The thought of summer also brings the thought of swimsuits, shorts and tank tops, but what about sweaters?

Sweaters are becoming a popular clothing choice for this sunny season because of their usefulness and classy appearance.

Many stores, including Forever 21, H&M and online stores like ModCloth, have sweaters on display in preparation for the summer months that lie ahead.

Sweaters can be paired with summer apparel in countless ways.

For starters, graphic sweaters with shorts can add a unique, fun vibe to a summer outfit.

Sweaters with shorts?

Perhaps not your first thought when imagining summer attire, but useful nonetheless.

What happens when you get cold on those windy days at the beach? When the temperature drops below tank-top-comfortable temperatures? Instead of throwing on a sweatshirt, a sweater keeps you warm and looking stylish.

Why not pair a sweater with your sundress?

When done correctly, layering clothing is a great way to spice up your wardrobe without having to spend the money on new clothes. The versatility of this look provides endless opportunities for outfits.

Sweaters can also be used to throw over a swimsuit while relaxing with friends. A sweater provides a comfortable yet classy look so you can look good and feel good.

Late night bonfires are staples of summers. Unfortunately, it gets cold at night, and despite the warmth from the fire, shorts and T-shirts don’t cut it. A sweater is a perfect way to keep warm around the campfire but to also be unique by not throwing on some type of jacket.

Adapting this style as a part of your wardrobe is simple, because you already have the necessary clothing items. All it takes is some creativity on your part to make this look truly yours.

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