How To: Get Through the End of Semester Slump

As we near the end of the semester, it’s hard not to fall into an end of the semester slump.

With Easter past, there are no holidays or breaks students can look forward to having. Now begins our long trek through the end of the semester. (Stay strong!)

The end of the semester slump is something no one looks forward to, but here are some easy tips to end your semester with a bang.

Start planning now

Everyone knows that when you start to fall behind in your academic life, it’s really hard to climb your way out and accomplish everything you need by a certain deadline. It’s essential to make an end of semester to-to list for yourself so you can easily see what is coming in the weeks ahead.

The end of the school year is a perfect storm of presentations, projects, group assignments and exams. Don’t let it all pile up within the last two weeks of school. If you know you have a project due in three weeks, start working on it now so you aren’t up all night the week it’s due trying to perfect it. The farther in advance you plan, the easier everything will go.

Make time for yourself

During the last hectic few weeks of school, it can be easy to forget about doing what is best for you. If you need to take a break from the project you’ve been working on for three hours, do it. It’s not healthy to stare at a computer screen for hours on end – remember to take a breather to keep your mind in good shape.

Also, if you plan far enough in advance and schedule accordingly, you’ll be able to have extra time for yourself to catch up on some episodes of your favorite TV show, read or a book or just relax for a few hours each day. School is important, but you’re also a college student and deserve to have fun and treat yourself every once in awhile.

Celebrate your accomplishments

The end of the spring semester is another year of college in the books.

There’s no doubt as students we make mistakes, but there are also accomplishments that you should be celebrating.

Got an A on an exam you thought you you failed? Celebrate. Passed your math class? Celebrate. Made it to all of your 8 a.m. classes? Definitely, celebrate!

No matter how big or small you think something is, if you succeeded, congratulate yourself for what you’ve done. 

Stay positive

Being negative about the end of the semester isn’t going to solve any of your problems. In fact, it will probably make things worse for you and everyone else you complain to.

It can be hard sometimes, but a positive attitude can change a crummy situation to a better one just by being open minded and optimistic. Staying positive during the end of the semester slump will allow you to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.