A Noteworthy Binge: House of Cards

A house of cards is easily toppled, but difficultly constructed.

In this dark, political drama politician Frank Underwood’s pursuit for power is evident when he breaks the fourth wall and discusses his inner thoughts of U.S. politics. “House of Cards” is about the immense corruption and greed of the U.S. Majority Whip, Frank Underwood, and other politicians that filter in throughout the show.

After losing the secretary of state position, Underwood immediately begins planning his manipulation of those up the chain of command. His constant bullying and disregard for the law when it concerns him has the potential to shake the hierarchy and establishment of the government  – he could topple this house of cards.

His wife, Claire, is a constant in this show. In the first couple episodes, she looks like a political trophy wife, but her corruption and manipulation of power runs just as deep. Claire has goals just as great and manipulative as her husband’s, but in order for her to achieve them she must first help her husband obtain what he truly wants – undeniable power. In his eyes there is nothing more precious then being the ruler of America, as his long-term goal is to be president.

However, there is a bump in the Underwood’s vicious plan. They are introduced to an overly eager, wannabe political writer, Zoe Barnes. Her zealous behavior has her running stories that only help Underwood push a wedge between his political opponents and the American people. At first, she doesn’t realize the corruption behind every story that she writes for the Washington Herald, but after beginning an affair with Frank, she starts to see his true need of domination. He doesn’t care for her, he only cares about what she can provide.

“House of Cards” is eery, dark and serious. It’s meant to scare people of what the political system could be, and show them how it could be manipulated. This show is full of intrigue, back-door deals and self-resilience.

The first scene of the series is Underwood putting a dog out of its misery. He didn’t show one bead of emotion when he did it. The act of murder in no way changed the expression or feeling in him as he did it. He sees himself as a savior, the bigger man and in no way intends on giving up.

“House of Cards” is worth the watch if you are interested in dark dramas, but this show is detail-oriented and fast-paced, so it needs your full attention while watching.

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Starring: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly and Nathan Darrow.