How to make a bold statement with the color gold

It used to be a way to define status.

Gold, seen in the past as having high monetary value, is now a fashion trend popping up in this spring’s fashion. Whether it’s jewelry, make-up, shoes or hair accessories, there are several ways to stand out among the crowd this season. It’s important to remember balance is key when it comes to incorporating gold in your outfit, as you don’t want the color to overpower you.

Below are five ways to incorporate gold as part of your everyday style:


Bracelets have always been a go-to when looking for a way to jazz up an outfit, but did you know watches can do the same? Unlike bracelets watches serve more than one purpose. Watches are not only useful for making a statement to your overall outfit but help you stay on time, as well. Whether it’s a gold band or gold details on the face of the watch, you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect.

Nail polish

Nail polish is always a fun way to dress up otherwise dull nails. With countless nail polish colors to pick from, you aren’t limited to picking just one. Some people like to paint their nails ombre, each nail being a different color but all within the same color palette, while others like to have an accent nail. If you do ombre, pick shades of gold that are similar to each other so your nails will look cohesive next to each other. If you choose to do an accent nail there are plenty of gold polishes to pick from. You can even add gold glitter to help the accent nail stand out. The key is to make sure whatever color you paint the rest of your nails complements the gold.


Whether you wear make-up everyday or only on special occasions, you won’t want to miss out on wearing gold at least once this season. You don’t have to wear gold make-up all over but rather focus on one area that will really stand out. You can choose to use gold eye shadow, lipstick or bronzer. Any one you pick will be sure to give you that extra chic look.

Hair accessories

Sometimes we have too much or not enough time when it comes to styling our hair. Whether you’re the person who is always on-the-go or takes the time to make sure every hair is straightened or curled, gold hair accessories can help change things up. Accessories are a cute, no-fuss way to mix up your usual go-to hair style. Whether it’s a headband, hair clips, bows or flowers, you’ll be sure to find something that matches your own unique style.


Who doesn’t love shoes? Since you must wear shoes just about everywhere you go, you can find a variety of them in gold shades to match your individual style. From sandals to heels to flats to boots, you can find shoes that are gold all around or ones with just gold accents. Just remember if your shoes are all gold to keep things balanced throughout the rest of your outfit.

There are several ways to incorporate gold into your everyday fashion. Research what trends appeal to you most and try them out to see what ones work and what ones don’t. With so many to pick from you’ll be sure to find one or two that catch your eye and allow you to stand out.