How to: Natural Water Infusing

Lemonades can be too sweet or too sour, so avoid the post-lemonade funny face and tune up your water with fresh fruit and vegetables.

The new trend of natural water infusing is transforming the way students are staying hydrated. Guzzling down your eight glasses of water a day has countless health benefits, such as flushing out toxins, keeping skin elastic and making you more energized. Adding a slice of lemon or lime to your glasses, is very simple and will make it hard to put your water bottle down.

Squeezing a fruit or mixing in a vegetable enhances your water with a lot of flavor. Whether you are looking for something sweet, zesty or tangy, there are perfect combinations to acquire the taste. Few calories are added and no artificial flavors or sugars are included. This all natural water is a very healthy choice to keep by your side throughout the day and can even help you detox. Fun fact: the pretty appearance will also enable you to grab your water and take a sip more often.

The cafeterias on campus have already started following this trend, by making garden water available to all students.

“My favorite is the melon water. But, I also really like the pineapple and cucumber water,” Port Huron senior Emily Brown said. “I also like that there are no added ingredients like sugar in it, and it’s not as boring to drink, as plain water is.”

Lemon water is already popular with many people. It is even a common choice when ordering at restaurants. Now, people are advancing their glass by accompanying the lemon and adding a few other fruits like lime, strawberries or oranges.

Take your water to the next level with these combinations:

  1. Strawberry, Lemon and Basil
  2. Orange and Blueberry
  3. Watermelon and Mint
  4. Citrus and Cucumber
  5. Strawberry, lime and cucumber

There are endless combinations of fruits, herbs and even some vegetables to naturally flavor your water. So, grab a pitcher and make a large batch of flavored water to keep in your refrigerator or just make a single serving in your water bottle. Infusing water bottles are available for an affordable price at stores like Target. These bottles have an insert to put the ingredients in to prevent you from drinking them or any fruit seeds. Or, you can always put the ingredients directly into your regular water bottle as well.

“I put lemon and cucumber in my water,” Bad Axe senior Ellen MacAlpine said. “It helps me drink more and I feel better when I am hydrated.”

Next time you’re feeling parched, ditch the pop and sugary juice and drink some infused water instead. The health benefits, great taste and pretty appearance will make it easy and satisfying to stay hydrated.